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Welcome to the Cochrane UK Trainees Journal Club 



This may shock you, but not every paper we read is a Cochrane Review!

Pragmatic evidence-based medicine means we should consider research in every form. Based on the merits and context of a paper, we need to decide: 1) whether it is a useful question to answer, 2) whether the research is robust, and 3) whether we can utilise this new knowledge in our own practice. To do this, we need to be able to critically appraise the evidence and this is an absolutely essential skill for any modern clinician. It goes without saying that reading broadly is fun, keeps us engaged with other areas of medicine, and helps us think laterally. Indeed, this exercise often plants the seeds that later bloom into fruitful impactful research.

To this end, the Cochrane UK Trainees will be tackling a different clinical paper that has hit the headlines every 2-3 months and will be of interest to a wide audience. We hope to engage doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and anybody who is interested! We will also keep a record on this webpage.

Journal Clubs can be joined by using the hashtag #CochraneTrainees and following CochraneUK


A guide to joining the Journal Club can be found here.

You may also be interested in a separate Journal Club, run by the Cochrane Library and aimed at trainees, researchers and practitionersEach Journal Club focuses on a recently published Cochrane Review and comes with a Clinical Case to help you place the review in the context of a specific scenario and discussion questions to help you think about the review methods and findings in more detail. Find out more and subscribe here.