Cochrane UK Trainees


An important part of the work of Cochrane UK is to raise awareness and knowledge about evidence-based decision making.  As part of this, Cochrane UK works with medical and dental ‘trainees’, that is, qualified junior doctors and dentists who are still in postgraduate training before practising independently as consultants, GPs, or dentists.  

Today's trainees are the future leaders of the NHS and clinical academia in the UK, and Cochrane UK believe helping them to understand, use, and produce evidence is a sound strategy for continued improvements in health care. 

To that end, Cochrane UK established two initiatives: Cochrane UK Fellows, and the Cochrane UK Trainee Advisory Group (CUKI TAG).  Cochrane UK Fellowships are for trainees with an interest in evidence based medicine.  CUKI TAG is a group of UK trainees in medicine and dentistry, to foster links between these groups and Cochrane, understand why and how trainees might engage with Cochrane’s work, and ultimately to promote evidence-informed practice.