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  1. What is Evidence Synthesis and why do we need it? An introductory video can be found here.
  2. What is Cochrane? Learn more about Cochrane and Cochrane Library
  3. Create a Cochrane Account
  4. Learn about health evidence and making informed health choices in the free Evidence Essentials course
  5. Find out more about Cochrane UK and Evidently Cochrane
  6. Patient and public involvement in research: What, why and how? Find out more in
  7. Find out more about Cochrane UK's Evidence for Everyday Health Choices blog series and Understanding Evidence blog series
  8. Understanding Health Evidence in COVID-19 times


  1. Join a community of patients, carers and family members in the Cochrane Consumer Network.
  2. Join the Cochrane Consumers Network on Facebook
  3. Follow Cochrane on social media (Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn)
  4. Follow Cochrane UK on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Instagram)


  1. Offer your skills and experience in Cochrane TaskExchange, a platform for anyone interested in being involved in producing Cochrane Evidence. Browse available tasks, connect with members of the community and offer to take on tasks that interest you.
  2. Find out how to get involved in Cochrane Crowd. Introductory videos can be found here and here.
  3. Be involved with a relevant Cochrane Review Group.
  4. Do you want to peer review or comment on a Cochrane Review? Find out more here and here.
  5. How to share Cochrane Evidence? Top tips to work with social media.

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