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Campaign communications mailing list

Cochrane UK runs four campaigns a year. Join our campaigns mailing list to recieve all campaign content to share with your networks. Emails will only be sent out just before each campaign is launched.

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UK press and journalist enquiries

For help with media or journalist enquiries to your group, feature articles in print, broadcast or online media, or with planning communications to support the central press releases, please contact Katie Abbotts, Communications and Media Consultant, Cochrane UK.

M  +44(0) 07810 504 380

Social media and blogs

If you have a Cochrane Review that that would work well as a blog on Evidently Cochrane or for help on blogging or social media, contact  Sarah Chapman, Knowledge Broker, Cochrane UK.


Global press and news stories

For reviews or enquires with global press interest and national news stories, or for proactive planning of press releases, press conferences and media, contact Jo Anthony, Senior Media and Communications Officer, Cochrane Central Executive.


Partnerships and general enquiries

For help and support with partners such as charities and professional bodies, or for general enquiries about the work of Cochrane UK, contact Therese Docherty, Business and Programme Manager, Cochrane UK.

T   +44(0) 01865 516 300