Virtually Cochrane 2021

In April 2021, Cochrane UK hosted 'Virtually Cochrane', an online event for all those involved with, or interested in, planning, doing, sharing and using health and healthcare evidence. Over three days, we hosted a variety of sessions on the theme of ‘navigating evidence and uncertainty’. 

Below, you can click on the titles of each session to find out more. For some sessions, you can also view a recording. 

Communicating risk and uncertainty

Jennifer Rogers, Timandra Harkness and Martin Burton

Hilda Bastian and Catherine Marshall

Living Evidence

Tari Turner and Elaine Toomey

Kerry Dwan, Theresa Moore, Kayleigh Kew and Ella Flemyng

Better health decisions. Using Cochrane evidence in shared decision-making

Richard Morley, Sally Crowe, Kit Byatt, Tracey Howe, Helen Bulbeck and Brian Devlin

Sarah Chapman and Selena Ryan-Vig

Covid and beyond: Perspectives on how Cochrane can respond to the needs of users 

Karla Soares-Weiser, John Grove, Declan Devane, Maureen Smith, Ken Stein and Lisa Bero

Vivian Welch, Zulfiqar Bhutta and Elie Akl

Right question, right methods, right now

Olivia Wu, Terry Quinn, Alex Sutton, Nicola Cooper, Neil Hawkins, Suzanne Freeman and Enzo Cerullo

Carolyn Hughes, Denise Mitchell, Nicole Pitcher, Elizabeth Royle, Toby Lasserson and Jo Anthony

Challenges in study identification: diagnostic test accuracy reviews and prognosis reviews 

Julie Glanville, Anna Noel-Storr and Lise Estcourt

Clare Wohlgemuth, Robby Richey, Tim Coleman, Toby Lasserson, Kasia Campbell and Martin Burton

iHealthFacts. Health claims – fact checked 

Elaine Finucane, Anne Daly, Deirdre Mac Loughlin and Declan Devane

Ken Stein and Martin Burton