Choosing images for sharing evidence: a guide

Recently, Cochrane launched ‘Choosing images for sharing evidence: a guide’. This resource aims to help anyone who needs to choose images for a dissemination product based on any Cochrane Review or anyone choosing images for other materials such as news items, reports, or social media posts.

Careful image selection is important. Images can influence what people know, feel and do and they are an important part of dissemination products. If you use good, relatable images, you can stimulate interest from your target audience, and they will know quickly if your information is relevant to them. The images we choose have the potential to reinforce the message that Cochrane is a trustworthy source of reliable health information, but they can also undermine our credibility, misinform, and put people off.

This interactive session gives an overview of the new Cochrane guidance for choosing images. It provides an opportunity for people to reflect on the challenges of image selection and to give practical advice to help people improve their dissemination products. The session is for anyone interested, but will be of particular interest to people involved in choosing images to share alongside health evidence, or choosing images for other products.

This session was recorded during the 'Virtually Cochrane' conference, hosted by Cochrane UK and Cochrane Ireland, 20-22nd April 2021.


Sarah Chapman