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Evidence for Maternity Care is an ongoing series of evidence relevant to maternity care, shared on social media. We have had great feedback that midwives and clinical support staff find it useful for keeping up to date with the latest evidence. We launched the series in 2015 and refreshed it in 2020.

The hashtag is #EvidenceForMaternityCare.


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Quarterly blog posts with a collection of evidence and resources

Every quarter, we will publish a collection of evidence and resources on our blog, Evidently Cochrane. It will flag up and link to recent Cochrane Reviews and related resources from the previous three months, such as Cochrane Clinical Answers, Cochrane Special Collections, and podcasts, blogs, blogshots and anything else we think would be useful, for example we may highlight a recent guideline. We will include news of current opportunities for research involvement or to make your voice heard, and of upcoming events.


These are visual summaries of key information from Cochrane Reviews, such as the one below, which we share on social media with a link to the review. We occasionally bring together a collection of these in a blog post, such as this one on breastfeeding. We update our blogshots when the reviews are updated, so you can be confident you are reading about the latest evidence. They are shared on Twitter and are available to download and share here.

Vaginal preparation with antiseptic solution (both iodine- and chlorhexidine-based solutions) immediately before caesarean delivery probably reduces the incidence of postoperative endometritis, fever and  wound infection (all moderate-certainty evidence). No adverse effects were reported with either the povidone‐iodine or chlorhexidine vaginal cleansing. Cochrane Review (published April 2020); 21 studies with 7083 women, comparing vaginal preparation with antiseptic solutions with saline or not cleansing, immediately before caesarean delivery.

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