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  • In this blog, Salma Ahmad and Catherine Suttle address some questions about whether long-sighted children need to wear glasses, with the help of  recent Cochrane evidence.Harry Potter and Spongebob Squarepants do not seem to have much in common, but they are both young and wear glasses. Harry’s seem to be worn full time, but for...
    July 16 2020
  • Sarah Chapman blogs about the latest Cochrane rapid review produced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, looking at the evidence on convalescent plasma as a possible treatment for COVID-19.
    July 10 2020
  • Sarah Chapman looks at a new Cochrane Review on how useful signs and symptoms are for diagnosing COVID-19.
    July 8 2020
  • Sarah Chapman looks at evidence from Cochrane Reviews on central venous catheter (CVC) management in this blog for nurses.
    July 3 2020
  • Sarah Chapman looks at the evidence from a new Cochrane rapid review on the accuracy of antibody tests for COVID-19 and at other important considerations about the roll-out of testing.
    June 26 2020
  • Today Cochrane, a global independent organization that reviews evidence from research to inform health decision-making, publishes a review of studies looking at the accuracy of COVID-19 antibody tests. The review shows that antibody tests could have a useful role in detecting if someone has had COVID-19, but that timing is important. The...
    June 25 2020
  • What is Evidence-Based Medicine and why is it important when making decisions about our health? How can we find out if a treatment is effective and safe? Why is it important to look behind the headlines? We explore these questions, and more, in the video below. The content is aimed at sixth form students hoping to study medicine at university. It...
    June 23 2020
  • Sarah Chapman looks at a Cochrane rapid review on whether video calls can reduce loneliness in older people, at a time when many people are still unable to have face-to-face contact with others due to the Covid19 pandemic.
    June 18 2020
  • In a blog for parents/carers, Siobhan McCormack, a Paediatric Specialist Registrar, looks at the latest Cochrane evidence on MMR vaccination and at guidance on vaccination during the current COVID19 pandemic.In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, getting your child’s routine vaccinations may be the last thing on your mind, or perhaps you...
    June 11 2020
  • In a blog for those supporting older people who are on multiple medications, including relatives, carers and health professionals, Sarah Chapman looks at new Cochrane evidence on approaches to help them take them as prescribed and also considers the importance of ‘careful and kind care’.As my mum declined with dementia, keeping on...
    June 9 2020


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