Welcome to Olivia Fulton, one of our Consumer Champions

Earlier this year, we invited applications from people who would like to be ‘Cochrane UK Consumer Champions’*. The Consumer Champions role will involve advocating for evidence-based health care and Cochrane amongst organisations and patient groups in the UK. Here, Olivia Fulton introduces herself:

"I fell into patient and public involvement (PPI) in research after focusing my time on raising awareness of severe asthma. I was no longer eligible to take part in clinical trials but wanted to do something to help people with debilitating severe asthma. I never knew there was an option where I could help shape and influence research.

Asthma is such a common disease but a very misunderstood disease. I have a rare form of severe asthma that means my day to day life is affected by it. I recently had to give up a main passion of mine which was nursing. I was a renal nurse specialising in home dialysis, through this work and my own experience as a patient I was able to really understand what patient centred care is but found that for patients to understand their condition and care they needed information in accessible language. 

As I had to reduce my work life I was able to dedicate more and more time to patient and public involvement in research as I have seen the value of the patient voice in research. I now volunteer with a number of different organisations as a member and lead of PPI groups. I am excited to be a Cochrane UK Consumer Champion to ensure the patient voice is heard across all research but also that research that is disseminated is done so in a manner that everyone can understand and not just those with academic backgrounds".

Olivia Fulton is on Twitter: @just_TUX.

A warm welcome! We are really looking forward to working with Olivia and each of the Consumer Champions.

Further information

*Cochrane uses the term ‘consumer’ to represent patients, carers and family members with experience of a healthcare condition.