Welcome to Genna White, one of our Consumer Champions

Earlier this year, we invited applications from people who would like to be ‘Cochrane UK Consumer Champions’*. The Consumer Champions role will involve advocating for evidence-based health care and Cochrane amongst organisations and patient groups in the UK. Here, Genna White introduces herself:

"In 2012 my eldest son was diagnosed with Specific Language Impairment (SLI), now known as Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).  At the time there was very little awareness about this condition and very little information available.  I began researching and building a support network of peers and professionals for my son and me. 

In 2013 I set up a support group for parents and carers of pre school children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) that was shortlisted for a Shine A Light award from The Communication Trust in 2013/14. 

In the same year I also set up a DLD Facebook group for people affected by or interested in a DLD diagnosis. The group now has over 2400 members from all over the world and has become a place for parents and carers to share support and a forum for students and professionals to share research, consensus, articles, reviews, and events. 

In 2018 I began training to become a Speech and Language Therapist.  

In 2019 I presented an original research proposal poster exploring the functional impact of DLD on family life at the Child Language Symposium.  

Following qualification I plan to work in both clinical practice and research, with a particular focus on DLD. 

My personal experience and clinical knowledge provide me with a unique perspective that I use to help families like my own.  I am passionate about supporting individuals to access help and information, while ensuring that their lived experience is recognised and informs our on going understanding.  I hope to facilitate a reciprocal knowledge exchange between Cochrane UK and its consumers that enables the dissemination of Cochrane’s work to individuals who will benefit from it directly, and supports their meaningful contribution to Cochrane’s work".

Genna White is on Twitter: @whitegenna

A warm welcome! We are really looking forward to working with Genna and each of the Consumer Champions.

Further information

*Cochrane uses the term ‘consumer’ to represent patients, carers and family members with experience of a healthcare condition.