Talking with patients about sex. Asking, Listening, Learning.

This is an excerpt of a blog published on Evidently Cochrane.

In a blog for our special series The Problem With Sex, trainee paediatrician and Cochrane Fellow, Rufaro Ndokera (@NdokeraR), asked five trainee doctors to share their experiences of talking with patients about sex. 

Problems with sex are not a common theme of office water cooler chat. As the current Cochrane fellow, when the subject of the #TheProblemWithSex spread across the Cochrane UK office I knew we, the Cochrane Trainees, should get involved, but what would we have to offer? Unsure, I approached a few members of the Cochrane UK Trainees Advisory Group to comment on their experiences with talking about sex and sexual problems with patients, especially those with chronic conditions. As a group with a wide range of clinical experience I was keen to hear their thoughts and here they are...

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