The Problem with Sex

the problem with sex

On 24th March 2017, we launch a blog campaign on Evidently Cochrane, The Problem With Sex . With Cochrane reviews revealing the lack of relevant and reliable evidence for those experiencing sexual difficulties associated with chronic health conditions and treatments, we think it’s time to talk about it. We'll be exploring what helps and hinders communication between people experiencing sexual difficulties and the professionals who might be able to help them. We’ll be asking what’s holding back research in this area and what’s being done, or could be, to bring about change. Join the conversation on Twitter @CochraneUK #theproblemwithsex


The problem with sex: is our reluctance to talk about it harming patients?

Cancer: it’s not just about survival. Sex matters too

Sex, relationships and asthma: could patients’ love lives hold the key to better asthma outcomes?

Let’s talk about sex: what matters to people living with chronic pelvic pain

Talking with patients about sex. Asking, Listening, Learning.

Vaginal dilator therapy: vibrate, dilate, or wait?

Asking about your sex life isn’t vulgar, it’s vital

Vaginismus is ruining sex. Research must move beyond penetration

Still being sexual in chronic illness

Sex and sexuality in health care: a multidisciplinary discussion


We will be hosting #theproblemwithsex tweetchat with @wenurses on 6th April 8pm using #WeMDT.  Join in and find out more here