Making health decisions: what’s best for you? A free webinar

doctor speaking with patient


On 20th October 2022, in a free webinar for everyone, Brian, Heather and Sarah came together with Becky, a doctor and former GP to reflect on their experiences and talk about some important things to consider when making health decisions.

You can watch a full recording of the webinar here:



As part of the session, Sarah Chapman (Knowledge Broker at Cochrane UK), shared her story on deciding whether to have a cochlear implant. This section of the webinar can be viewed separately in the video below, beautifully illustrated by Karen Morley:


Finally, in a blog for anyone making health decisions, big or small, Sarah Chapman looks at some key things that can help you make a choice that feels right for you and reduce the risk that you'll regret your choices later on. Included here are links to good resources and to some Evidently Cochrane blogs in which people have discussed their health decisions and shared things that helped them.

Read more about our panel Heather, Brian, SarahBecky and our facilitators Rufaro and Emma.

Heather Still, Brian Devlin, Sarah Chapman and Becky Gould