Understanding Uncertainty: A resource for scientists, journalists & the public

Making Sense of Uncertainty is a fascinating paper that takes the reader on a journey through what uncertainty in research means and how it can be understood in order to make decisions, or used to misrepresent or devalue scientific arguments, whether intentionally or through misunderstanding.

Created by Sense About Science, an organisation dedicated to improving public understanding about scientific issues, and featuring the personal views of over 20 academics from a variety of fields, Making Sense of Uncertainty is a thorough introduction to the world of scientific unknowns that could be enjoyed by the layperson and professional alike. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to get through but is well broken up into different chapters, with practical examples frequently given which really helps the topics to be understood in relation to real-life research.

Chapters cover what uncertainty within science is, whether or not it matters, how we can use results despite uncertainties and how scientific models are affected.

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