Talking about #MaternityMatters on Twitter

On Tuesday 3rd September 2019 from 8pm - 9pm (BST), @CochraneUK co-hosted a tweetchat alongside @charlMidwife - one of the @WeMidwives. We were also delighted to be joined by @Students4BE. We discussed evidence-based maternity care and our special series of blogs 'Maternity Matters', which ran throughout August. To get involved with the conversation, or simply follow the chat, participants used the hashtag #WeMidwives on Twitter.

On 1st August 2019, Cochrane UK launched 'Maternity Matters' on Evidently Cochrane, our blog.

Maternity Matters is a month-long special series of blogs and other resources, including graphics and podcasts, sharing some of the latest evidence on women’s and babies’ health, and women’s experiences, from pregnancy through to the early days after birth.

The series centres on NHS priorities on maternity and highlights new Cochrane Reviews or research. The blogs focus on women’s experiences and particular needs in pregnancy after recurrent miscarriage and after stillbirthon risk reduction in pregnancy - with new Cochrane Reviews on smoking cessation and vitamin D; on continuity of care; continuous support during labour; and on managing the third stage of labour. We have also shared evidence on breastfeeding.

This tweetchat invited people to reflect on the series content, particularly the following:

- What have you read in this series that has surprised or challenged you?
- What did you find particularly relevant for your clinical practice?
- What are your experiences of talking to women about evidence - and evidence gaps?
- What helps you keep up to date with the latest evidence?
- What will you take away from this series?

36 individuals participated in the chat, primarily midwives and student midwives. 

You can catch up on all the 'Maternity Matters' series content here.