Student Electives

Cochrane UK welcomes students on elective. During their placement, students will have an opportunity to learn more about the work of Cochrane UK, its relationship with Cochrane globally, and to work on projects related to Students 4 Best Evidence, a student blogging website supported by Cochrane UK. 

In 2018 we will be offering two 4 week placements:

1. Monday 4th June to Friday 29th June

2. Monday 1st October to Friday 26th October

We will accept a maximum of four students at any one time. We have moved to this programme of set dates rather than accepting students on a continuous basis following student feedback. This new system is designed to ensure students have the most enjoyable and productive experience at Cochrane UK.

If you are interested in a placement with Cochrane UK, please send your CV together with a covering letter explaining why you would like to come, and what you hope to gain in your four weeks with us, to: 

Posted: March 2018.