Life After Stroke: new Cochrane UK campaign launching 1st March 2018

Life After Stroke

Throughout March 2018, Cochrane UK will be running a special series of blogs and other material, shared on social media, on the theme of #LifeAfterStroke. This will include Cochrane evidence, ongoing research and the perspectives of stroke survivors, researchers and health professionals on life after stroke. The focus will be broad, from the acute phase, to rehabilitation, to long-term effects and adjustments. We've asked people on social media to tell us what matters to them and this has helped shape the series. 

Where to find the content

All of the blogs will be published on Evidently Cochrane and shared on Facebook and Twitter. Infographics will be shared via Twitter and Facebook.

Join in the conversation

Please join in the conversation on Twitter by following @CochraneUK and using the hashtag #LifeAfterStroke

Before 1st March

Please consider sharing some suggested tweets on social media in the build up to the launch: 

Suggested Tweets

From 1st March

Please follow and share @CochraneUK blogs and infographics on social media. 

You are welcome to link to and/or cross-post any material, for example on your website. Please just give credit to the author and Evidently Cochrane. 

Suggested Tweet

  • In a new month-long special series on #LifeAfterStroke@CochraneUK are highlighting Cochrane evidence, ongoing research & the perspectives of stroke survivors, healthcare professionals & researchers.