The imperfections of Evidence-Based Medicine

While most, if not all, members and readers of Students 4 Best Evidence (S4BE) will be keen advocates of the practise of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) it would be foolish to suggest that it is without flaws. Understanding these weaknesses is important in order to improve our practice of EBM, both at an individual and wider level.

‘Time to abandon evidence based medicine?’ is an hour long Youtube video of a lecture by Prof David Nealy from the University of Cardiff. It is a ‘challenge to EBM’ and focusses on the errors that occur in the practice and implementation of EBM and the dangerous consequences that they can have. Key issues that Prof Nealy focusses on are the disregard for the personal experience of doctors, the manipulation of statistics by pharmaceutical companies to make the use of drugs appear evidence-based when it is not and the lack of publication of negative results....

Read the full blog by S4BE Contributor, Katherine Stagg, here.