Get involved in the Cochrane-Wikipedia Initiative

We are looking for people to get involved with the Cochrane-Wikipedia Initiative. Whether you are new to Wikipedia and Cochrane, or you are a seasoned Wikipedian or Cochrane contributor, there is a task for you.

Cochrane has a commitment to producing and sharing high-quality medical evidence to as broad an audience as possible. As a way of achieving this, Cochrane has been working in partnership with Wikipedia since 2014 to improve the evidence base of health articles in Wikipedia, using quality, reliable secondary sources such as recent Cochrane Reviews to help improve the reliability of freely available health information.

The Cochrane-Wikipedia initiative supports the inclusion of relevant evidence within all Wikipedia health articles, as well as processes to help ensure that health information included in Wikipedia is of the highest quality and as accurate as possible. Trusted, evidence-based information can help people to make informed decisions about their own health and health care.

We have a list of projects that you can get involved with on our Cochrane-Wikipedia Initiative Wikimedia page. From updating Wikipedia references with the latest Cochrane Review or doing detailed content updates, there are a range of tasks for all levels of Wikipedia editors.

You are welcome to get in contact with the project leads, or you can keep an eye out for tasks listed on Cochrane TaskExchange.

Find out more and get involved.