Cochrane UK in Oxford to close at the end of March 2024

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We are sorry to announce that Cochrane UK, based in Oxford, will close at the end of March 2024 with the end of National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) funding.

Since Cochrane UK was established - as the first Cochrane centre - it has delivered a varied programme of work. For example, providing training, events (including four Colloquia, the inaugural one in Oxford, then Dublin and Edinburgh, with a fourth planned in London in September 2023) and resources for Cochrane contributors and others; supporting the dissemination of Cochrane evidence; and monitoring the impact of Cochrane Reviews.

In the early years, Cochrane UK conducted a programme of methods research and helped establish the Cochrane Central Register of Studies. Cochrane UK also founded Students 4 Best Evidence, a global network for students interested in evidence-based health care and carries out outreach work teaching school children, and others, about evidence-based decision-making.

The Cochrane UK team will continue to deliver on our current work programme until the end of the contract.

Important note: Cochrane UK is a regional centre within Cochrane, supporting Cochrane activities in the UK. The funding of Cochrane is not affected by this news - Cochrane will continue to produce Cochrane Reviews.

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