Cochrane Colloquium Edinburgh: Sign-up as a buddy for consumers and newcomers

We are looking for members of the Cochrane community who are experienced Colloquium attendees to become consumer and newcomer buddies!

The Cochrane Colloquium 2018, to be held in Edinburgh (16-18 September), is a Patients Included event and we are aiming to make it rewarding and inclusive for the patients, consumers, and newcomers who attend. Amongst the wide range of workshops, activities, social events, and support we are offering, we would like to ensure that consumers and newcomers have the chance to meet as wide a range of Cochrane contributors as possible.

If you have attended Cochrane Colloquia before, please sign-up as a 'consumer and newcomer buddy'. This means that during some breaks and lunch you will be available to provide support and information to those who need it. We plan to run this service from the Cochrane community exhibition stand. Later in the year we will share a schedule for you to select which slots you will be available as a buddy.

We are looking for people who:

  • Have attended multiple Cochrane Colloquia
  • Can explain the different Colloquium session types
  • Understands Cochrane, what we do, how we do it, and wants to share their passion for evidence-based decision making with others
  • Knows who to put people in touch with from the community

You will receive a certificate and other goodies!

Interested in becoming a 'consumer and newcomer buddy'? Sign up here