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Here you can find all of the output from the Cochrane UK Trainees, including podcasts, blogs, online Journal Club and tweetchats, and survey results.


Listen to the Rachel Kuo, one of the Cochrane Trainees, in conversation with various influential figures within evidence-based practice.  



Meet the Cochrane Trainees and engage in evidence!

We call him tortoise because he taught us - reflections on a workshop for trainees held at the Cochrane UK & Ireland Symposium 2017, by Rufaro Ndokera

Writing a Cochrane Review - the trainee experience by Rufaro Ndokera, Eoin O'Sullivan and David Roberts

Talking with patients about sex. Asking, Listening, Learning by Rufaro Ndokera, Chris McAloon, Eoin O’Sullivan, Rachel KuoChris Jones and Natalie Blencowe

Why should I care about antibiotic resistance? by James Chan, Rachel Kuo, Eoin O’Sullivan, Rufaro Ndokera, Neha Pathak and Bosun Hong

Recurrent abdominal pain in children: evidence and uncertainty by Rufaro Ndokera

Rules for the road to recovery: factors affecting the use of protocols for ventilation weaning in intensive care by Rufaro Ndokera

Ventilated, oxygenated and oh so comfy: positioning preterm babies by Rufaro Ndokera

Videolaryngoscopy: watch this space by Rufaro Ndokera

Yummy, yummy in my tummy, getting big with milk from mummy. Getting preterm babies feeding orally - a roundup of current evidence by Rufaro Ndokera

Hospital at Home Increases the Chances of Dying at Home by Anna Sutherland (also published in The BMJ Opinion). 

There were twins in a bed and Cochrane said no difference by Anna Sutherland

Frequently Asked Questions for Palliative Medicine Specialty Trainees by Anna Sutherland and Katrien Naessens.

Cochrane systematic review highlights the importance of lactulose in the management of hepatic encephalopathy by Anna Sutherland, Faeqa Hami and James Maggs

A pinch of evidence on how to cut salt intake by David Roberts

Texting 2 quit – using mobile phones to help people quit smoking by David Roberts

Trust me, I’m a patient! Managing anticoagulation therapy by David Roberts

How should we deal with non-culprit lesions during a STEMI? A mid-night conundrum by Chris McAloon 

Online Journal Club and Tweetchats

The trainees run a journal club every 2-3 months, picking studies that have impacted headline news. Click here to find out more.

Read through the first #CochraneTrainees Journal Club here. 

A guide to journal clubs can be found here

The Cochrane Trainees also hold ocassional tweetchats (conversations on Twitter).

A guide to tweetchats can be found here

Read through the first #CochraneTrainees tweetchat, in conversation with Iain Chalmers, one of Cochrane's founders. 

Details of upcoming tweetchats and journal club sessions will be announced on Twitter. You can keep up to date, and join in the conversation, by following @CochraneUK and #CochraneTrainees


The Cochrane Trainees conducted a survey to learn more about how trainees engage with the evidence-base. The results will be published here soon.