Cochrane Trainees


An important part of the work of Cochrane UK is to raise awareness and knowledge about evidence-based decision making.  As part of this, Cochrane UK works with medical and dental ‘trainees’, that is, qualified junior doctors and dentists who are still in postgraduate training before practising independently as consultants, GPs, or dentists.  If you are a trainee, on this webpage you can find links to useful resources, and information on ways you can get involved with Cochrane.  Want to talk about evidence? 

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Our first tweet chat will be at 7pm GMT 12/11/16 with Iain Chalmers discussing issues raised in our latest podcast. Join in the chat by following @CochraneUK and #CochraneTrainees

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cochrane trainees'Meet the Cochrane Trainees and engage in evidence!' Read the Cochrane Trainees blog from the #UnderstandingEvidence series here