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  • In this blog for people planning to stop smoking Robert Walton, a Senior Fellow in General Practice, and Nicola Lindson, a Cochrane editor and author, review new Cochrane evidence on how cutting down on cigarettes before trying to stop compares with other ways of stopping smoking.I
    October 25 2019
  • At its recent meeting in Santiago, Cochrane’s Governing Board has awarded Dr. David Tovey the title “Emeritus Editor-in-Chief.” This title is given in special recognition of David’s distinguished service as Cochrane’s first Editor-in-Chief of the Cochrane Library, 2009-2019. David stepped down from the role at the end of May 2019...
    October 25 2019
  • This is re-posted from Cochrane.org. For the latest updates, please check here. Dear Colloquium delegates,*******Cochrane Santiago Colloquium cancelled - Latest Update: Friday 25 - 15:00There is 11pm to 4am curfew this evening in SantiagoUpdate: Thursday 24 - 15:00 - 20:00There is a 10pm to 5am curfew this evening in SantiagoDelegates...
    October 22 2019
  • October 10 2019
  • In this blog for World Mental Health Day 2019, Jessica Hendon, the Managing Editor of Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group (CCMD), highlights the group’s ongoing work to bring together the best evidence on suicide prevention and self-harm.
    October 9 2019
  • In this blog for people with psoriasis Robert Walton, a Senior Fellow in General Practice, reviews new Cochrane evidence on lifestyle changes that may bring significant improvements in the condition of their skin.    About 2% of people have psoriasis and, whilst creams and medicines can help, the benefits that that they offer are...
    October 3 2019
  • Cochrane is delighted to announce the publication of the new edition of the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions following  extensive revision. Designed for authors and editors of Cochrane Reviews, but equally useful for anyone conducting systematic reviews, it describes the methods and best practices in...
    October 2 2019
  • Lynda Ware, a retired GP and Senior Fellow in General Practice at Cochrane UK, and Selena Ryan-Vig, Cochrane UK’s Communications and Engagement Officer, tell us about the talks and workshops they run with secondary school students, teaching evidence-based medicine and encouraging critical thinking about health claims and advice. Since 2016,...
    September 26 2019
  • Getting involved in Cochrane’s work means becoming part of a global community. Connect with Cochrane Groups across the world through the Cochrane International Mobility programme!The Cochrane International Mobility programme builds on previous successful student exchanges involving Cochrane Centres around the world. A broader...
    September 20 2019
  • In this blog for clinical, research and lay readers, Dr Terry Quinn, the coordinating editor of Cochrane Dementia, looks at the latest Cochrane evidence around testing for dementia.  Terry describes the Dementia Group’s ongoing work on dementia assessment and shares some thoughts on reviews of test accuracy.
    September 19 2019


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