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  • For more information about Cochrane UK, go to the 'about us' page, here.
    April 29 2015
  • Read the latest Evidently Cochrane blog post at www.evidentlycochrane.net/keeping-people-warm-during-surgery-whats-the-evidence.
    April 28 2015
  • Students 4 Best Evidence (S4BE) is a network for students interested inevidence-based health care. Blog posts about learning resources and issues in the media are written and submitted for publication by medical students from across the globe. Visit the blog at www.students4bestevidence.org.View a timeline of the development of S4BE from 2015-2020.
    April 28 2015
  • Cochrane and Wikipedia have a partnership for Cochrane to work with Wikipedia medical editors to transform the quality and content of health evidence available online. The partnership, formalized in 2014, supports the inclusion of relevant evidence within all Wikipedia medical articles, as well as processes to help ensure that medical information...
    April 28 2015


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