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  • May 4 2020
  • In the third blog of our special series on Evidently Cochrane: “Oh, really?” 12 things to help you question health advice, Selena Ryan-Vig, Cochrane UK’s Communication and Engagement Officer, explores some cautionary examples which remind us that all treatments have potential harms. “Dangerous” and “irresponsible”. That’s how...
    April 30 2020
  • Sarah Chapman looks at new Cochrane evidence on personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare workers from infections such as COVID-19 (coronavirus) and what influences them in how well they follow guidance for using it. 
    April 28 2020
  • In this blog for people with severe aortic stenosis and their families, cardiologists Dr Will Watson and Dr Harry Boardman look at the latest Cochrane evidence comparing two treatments for aortic stenosis in people with low surgical risk.
    April 24 2020
  • New evidence published in the Cochrane Library today finds MMR, MMRV and MMR+V vaccines are effective and that they are not associated with increased risk of autism. Measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (also known as chickenpox) are infectious diseases caused by viruses. They are most common in children and young adults, and can lead to...
    April 20 2020
  • Cochrane is regularly publishing content about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the various related activities that we are undertaking in response.Updates on Cochrane's work are added daily. It includes information and resources:For the public, patients, and carersFor healthcare workersFor researchersFor policy and guideline developersFor...
    April 17 2020
  • In this blog for patients recovering from traumatic brain injury where the pressure inside the skull is not controlled by medications, and their relatives, Jason Yuen, Neurosurgical Registrar in South West England, looks at the latest Cochrane evidence on a surgical treatment and discusses the benefits and risks.
    April 17 2020
  • Sarah Chapman looks at new Cochrane evidence, published this week, on whether exercise affects our susceptibility to acute respiratory infections.
    April 7 2020
  • Today, Cochrane announces the launch of its COVID-19 Study Register – a one-stop shop for primary research studies on COVID-19. The aim of the register is to support rapid evidence synthesis by all systematic review producers, including Cochrane's work on Rapid Reviews in response to COVID-19. The register helps systematic...
    April 7 2020
  • Sarah Chapman and Selena Ryan-Vig share evidence from a new Cochrane Special Collection, COVID-19: Effective options for quitting smoking during the pandemic.
    April 3 2020


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