New Cochrane UK partnership with Mediwikis

Cochrane UK and Students 4 Best Evidence  are now partners with MediWikis, a collaborative platform for students to share and update medical study notes. It is built on MediaWiki the same platform as Wikipedia, so that students can share and contribute to the knowledge bank as well as searching through it. Cochrane UK will share the latest Cochrane evidence with the community from the weekly dissemination meeting, that looks at the latest Cochrane evidence.

Mediwikis vision:

Mediwikis will be at the heart of medical education for the betterment of local medical communities.

Mediwikis values:

  • Everyone has worthwhile knowledge to contribute.

  • Information should be shared, not coveted.

  • We strive to support our students and communities.

Health science students are a key audience for us at Cochrane UK and we look forward to working together with Mediwikis to promote the use of evidence-based healthcare.

Click here to find out more about Mediwikis. Click here to see our other partner organizations.