Cochrane Review Groups, Methods Groups, Fields & Networks

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What is a Cochrane Review Group?

Preparation and maintenance of Cochrane Reviews is the responsibility of Cochrane Review Groups. Each group has an 'editorial base' where a small group of people support the production of Cochrane Reviews. These groups focus on particular areas of health (for example, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Schizophrenia, Tobacco Addiction). Just under half of the 53 Cochrane Review Groups have editorial bases in the UK, 6800 (34%) of the 20,000 authors of Cochrane reviews and nearly 28% of all participants in Cochrane are based here.

Review groups within the UK

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What is a Cochrane Methods Group?

Whenever possible, training for people preparing and maintaining Cochrane Reviews is based on the results of empirical research. Such methodological research is the focus of individuals who have come together in Cochrane methods groups. These are tackling a wide variety of issues ranging from statistical methods to information retrieval.

Methods group within the UK

Methods groups outside of the UK

What is a Cochrane Field and Network?

Cochrane Reviews may also be enhanced by input from people whose primary interest (fields) is not individual or specific health problems, but aspects of health care, such as its setting (for example, primary health care) or a class of intervention (for example, complementary medicine) or a category of health service user (for example, older people).

The Consumer Network provides information and a forum for networking among consumers (many of whom are patients) and a liaison point for consumer groups around the world.

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