Non-medical NIHR Trainees course

Evidence-based decision-making, critical appraisal skills and leadership: a course for NIHR trainees who belong to one of the non-medical healthcare professions

Effective, high quality, evidence-based practice is at the heart of the modern NHS. Practitioners require a thorough understanding of the principles of evidence-based decision-making, and the critical appraisal skills that underlie the evaluation and synthesis of evidence. The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) invited Cochrane UK to develop this course for those non-medical professional health researchers in training (today’s non-medical doctoral fellowship trainees and tomorrow’s clinical leaders) who will be in key positions to promote and implement such practice in the future.

 The course recognizes that NIHR trainees are likely to be future leaders in health care both in the UK and potentially around the world. For this reason, a significant leadership development programme has been included in the course. The faculty has also decided to place the course in a university environment to encourage critical thinking of current accepted ideas. Furthermore, key faculty members attend the whole course, including evening social occasions to get to know the delegates and create an environment where both faculty and delegates can exchange ideas and advice about careers and research topics and any other topics of interest. The success of this approach is reflected in feedback previous courses, which includes comments such as “personal, individual and open”, “collaborative rather than competitive”, “good thinking time, informal, facilitative and questioning in a good learning environment”, and “very approachable faculty”. We are looking for delegates who feel comfortable with this approach and who can bring experiences and ideas to the course.

Venue and course dates

Balliol College, Oxford. 3rd-6th January 2017.

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 Non-medical healthcare professionals enrolled in NIHR doctoral training


•               Principles of evidence-based decision-making

•               Critical-appraisal skills

•               Systematic reviews in general and Cochrane in particular

•               Implementation of best-evidence in day-to-day clinical practice

•               An introduction to the principles of self-directed professional learning


£100.00. If you are a successful applicant, we will email you payment details through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to complete the transaction). Payment is due within 30 days. Unfortunately we will need to withdraw the offer of a place if payment is not made.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received after the 15th December 2016 will not be refunded, cancellations before this date will be refunded minus a £20 administration fee.


 To register, click here. Each course is limited to 20 places. Applications will be assessed and applicants will be informed if they have been successful.

Registration closing date: 15th November 2016



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