Author resources

Author Resources

A Cochrane author's most important resource is their Cochrane Review Group. Your Co-ordinating Editor (CE), Managing Editor (ME) and Trials Search Co-ordinator (TSC) are likely to be able to answer your questions, give you advice and help, and send you to the sources of information you need.

The following are some other resources useful to Cochrane authors.

About your review

Online Learning Resources for Undertaking a Systematic Review

This set of online learning modules was developed by Cochrane in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth. The modules are designed to help you work through all the key topics needed to complete a Cochrane Systematic Review, along with some more advanced topics. They include presentations, interactive exercises and links to further reading.

The following 12 modules are currently available;

  1. Introduction to systematic reviews: online learning module (No Archie log-in required)
  2. (Restricted) Writing a Cochrane Protocol: online learning module
  3. (Restricted) Searching for studies for a Cochrane intervention review: online learning module 
  4. (Restricted) Collecting data: online learning module
  5. (Restricted) Risk of bias: online learning module
  6. (Restricted) Introduction to meta-analysis: online learning module
  7. (Restricted) Types of data: online learning module
  8. (Restricted) Heterogeneity: online learning module
  9. (Restricted) Analysing and presenting data: online learning module
  10. (Restricted) Interpreting results and drawing conclusions: online learning module
  11. (Restricted) Health economics: online learning module
  12. (Restricted) Abstracts and Plain Language Summaries: online learning module

These online materials are available to Cochrane authors with an Archie login.

Cochrane Pathway Resources

Each of these resources is designed to be a standalone learning unit although they are presented here as a progressive learning pathway.  You may choose to access the resources in any order you wish, although those new to Cochrane and systematic reviewing may find it most productive to work through the resources in the order presented.

A three-part tutorial series about using the calculator in the RevMan software, by Chris Cates, Senior Fellow in Cochrane Methods Training.

Information about the Research Excellence Framework

RevMan software download
RevMan documentation

The Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions

Chapter 4 contains information about how to structure your protocol.

Cochrane UK face-to-face and online workshops for review authors. workshops 1-4

Resources for authors of diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) reviews

NIHR Complex Review Support UNi (CRSU) offers support to Cochrane authors

About Cochrane

Making sense of research in evidence 

A helpful introductory guide to Cochrane for new authors.

A guide to Archie, the collaboration's central server for managing documents and contacts details.


Cochrane Training site

Presenting and promoting your complete review.