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  • Nominations are now open for the 2016 John Maddox Prize for Standing up for Science. Now in its fifth year, the prize recognises the work of an individual anywhere in the world who promotes sound science and evidence on a matter of public interest, facing difficulty or hostility in doing … Read more
  • Hosted by WeAHPs using #WeAHPsThis chat is guest hosted by @SarahChapman30 @NaomiMcVey
    We launched the Evidence for Everyday Allied Health series #EEAHP at NHS England's Chief AHP Conference at the end of June. 
    On Thursday 28th July we are delighted to hold the first tweetchat of the … Read more
  • The following new funding opportunities are available:
    Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme
    An NIHR and Medical Research Council partnership
    16/67 - Mechanisms of action of health interventions16/70 Non-rheumatoid arthritides16/71 - Difficult to treat severe asthma
    Efficacy and Mechanism … Read more
  • This blog for nurses looks at Cochrane evidence on antibiotics and antiseptics for wounds and finds that there is a lack of reliable evidence to inform practice.
    So here I am again, writing about evidence and pressure ulcers. These two things continue to be strangers to each other it seems! … Read more
  • A recent article in the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin on the BMJ states that other than folic acid and vitamin D, there is limited evidence of the benefits of the often expensive prenatal multivitamins. This story has been picked up by many media outlets including BBC News, CBC … Read more
  • This blog post originally appeared on Cochrane Community and can be read here
    David Roberts, a public health registrar with Cochrane UK, recently helped with a Cochrane stand at a Public Health conference. Here he shares a bit about the experience and gives tips for other groups sharing Cochrane … Read more
  • The JLA/NETSCC is working with a group doing a prioritisation exercise to identify and prioritise future research questions around the way in which participants are recruited to clinical trials.  Their first step is a survey which is open until 7th August.  The website is here … Read more
  • #WeCATS discussions are "Critical Appraisal Twitter Sessions" & are a @CochraneUK @Mental_Elf @CASPUK & @WeNurses collaboration.
    Hello and welcome to our next #WeCATS topic - to find our more about #WeCATS please see the blog " Critical … Read more
  • This blog was originally published on Students 4 Best Evidence, a blogging platform by students for students
    The evidence-based healthcare house begins with single-study bricks.
    With time, the bricks accumulate. More and more research is conducted. Both observational and interventional.
    If enough … Read more
  • As many of you are aware, the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders (CCMD) group is in the process of moving to the University of York, hosted by the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the registration our group with Cochrane. To celebrate … Read more
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