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  • "What are systematic reviews?"
    If you’re a Cochrane contributor and have ever attempted to explain Cochrane’s work to someone, chances are you’ve tried to answer this question. And if you’re reading this because you’re new to Cochrane and the work we do, you may be wondering about this too.
    Thanks … Read more
  • Lack of good research on which programs or strategies are useful in preventing or reducing elder abuse
    The maltreatment of older people, also known as elder abuse, is a global problem, affecting large numbers of people worldwide. It’s a single or repeated act and, although it may be caused by … Read more
  • Are there benefits of offering music interventions as a complementary treatment to people with cancer?
    Cancer may result in extensive emotional, physical, and social suffering. Current cancer care increasingly incorporates psychosocial interventions to improve quality of life. Music therapy and music … Read more
  • In this guest blog, Andrew Moore, who has authored over 200 systematic reviews, many on pain, lifts the lid on paracetamol. Effective and safe? We are challenged to think again…
    People with pain have some very simple demands. They want the pain gone, and they want it gone now. A successful result … Read more
  • The following new funding opportunities are available:
    Public Health Research Programme
    16/105 - Researcher-led, standard outline
    16/106 - Researcher-led, evidence synthesis full
    Find out more … Read more
  • Supervised regular use of fluoride mouthwash by children and adolescents is associated with a large reduction in tooth decay in permanent teeth
    Tooth decay is a health problem worldwide, affecting the vast majority of adults and children. Repair and replacement of decayed teeth is costly in terms of … Read more
  • We have rounded up Cochrane evidence to help support athletes seeking to win a gold medal …and for everyone that is inspired to get active!
    Cryotherapy: does it work and is it safe?
    Injection treatments for Achilles tendinopathy
    Knee orthoses for patellofemoral pain syndrome
    Rubefacients for … Read more
  • This blog was orginally publiushed on Evidently Cochrane
    In this guest blog, Professor Martin Burton talks about ‘glue ear’ and looks at the latest evidence that might help parents and their doctors to decide whether antibiotics are worth trying.
    ‘Glue ear’ (otherwise known as otitis … Read more
  • This blog originally appeared on Cochrane Community
    Jack Leahy is an Engagement Officer with Cochrane UK. Jack curates the new Cochrane Tumblr account, where the popular Cochrane blogshot are shared. These blogshots summarize a Cochrane Review with a visual and are easy to share and consume on social … Read more
  • In this guest blog, Sarah Lensen, one of the team who worked on the Cochrane review on endometrial scratching (womb scratching), explains what the latest evidence tells us and what we still don’t know.
    Are you having trouble getting pregnant?
    10% of couples experience subfertilityAs many as 10% of … Read more
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